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Dr. Andrew Worsley (United Kingdom)

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Date Publication
01.06.2011 Article: Harmonic quintessence and the derivation of the charge and mass of the electron and the proton and quark masses
A. Worsley
Physics Essays, 24, 240-253
Physics Essays Vol. 24
01.03.2011 Article: Advances in Black Hole Gravitational Physics and Cold Dark Mtter Modelling
A. Worsley
The Open Astronomy Journal, 4, 6-13
The open Astronomy Journal
01.06.2010 Article: Tye formulation of harmonic quintesence and a fundamental enerngy equivalence equation
A. Worsley
Physics Essays, 23, 311-319
Physics Essays Vol. 23
01.09.2009 Article: String quintessence and the formulation of advanced quantum gravity
A. Worsley
Physics Essays, 22, 364-377
Physics Essays Vol. 22
01.09.2008 Article: An advanced dynamic adaptation of Newtonian equations of gravity
A. Worsley
Physics Essays, 21, 222-228
Physics Essays Vol. 21

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