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Dr. Jean-Christophe Audru (France)

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Date Publication
15.08.2013 Article: Preparedness actions towards seismic risk mitigation for the general public in Martinique, French Lesser Antilles: a mid-term appraisal
J.C. Audru, J.L. Vernier., B. Capdeville, J.J. Salindre and É Mouly
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 13, 2031–2039
2010 Article: The public information channels in seismic risk in Martinique, French Antilles
J. C. Audru and
UN-ISDR Informs Journal
2010 Article: Major natural hazards in a tropical volcanic island: a review for Mayotte Island, Indian Ocean
Audru J. C., Bitri A., Desprats J.F., Dominique P., Eucher G., Jossot O., Mathon C., Nédellec J.L., Sabourault P., Sedan O., Stollsteiner P. and Terrier-Sedan M.
Engineering Geology, 114-2
2006 Article: 1/50 000 geological map of France, Bressuire (538) sheet
Rolin P., Audru J.C., Poncet D., Papin H., Jousseaume S. et Maillard A.
Geological Map of France
2006 Article: BATHYMAY: underwater structure of Mayotte Island revealed by multibeam bathymetry
Audru J. C., Guennoc P., Thinon I. and Abellard O.
Comptes Rendus Geoscience, 338-16
2004 Article: 1/50 000 geological map of France, Plouay (348) sheet
Béchennec F., Audru J.C., Thiéblemont D, Cocherie A., Corbier P., Bourgon J., Dos Santos Cardoso.J. et Guyomard Y.
Geological Map of France
2001 Article: 1/50 000 geological map of France, Les Herbiers (537) sheet
Rolin P., Audru J.C., Bouroullec I. and Wyns R.
Geological Map of France
2001 Article: GPR investigations on active faults in urban areas: the Georisc-NZ project in Wellington, New Zealand
Audru J.C., Bano M., Begg J., Henrys S., Berryman K., Nivière B.
Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences, 333-8
1999 Article: Quaternary faulting in the offshore Flaxbourne and Wairarapa basins, southern Cook Strait, New Zealand
Barnes P.M. and Audru J.C.
New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, 42
1999 Article: Recognition of active strike-slip faulting from high-resolution marine seismic reflection profiles : Eastern Marlborough Fault System, New Zealand
Barnes P. M. and Audru J.C.
Geological Society of America Bulletin, 111-4
1998 Article: Evidence for early Miocene wrench faulting in the Marlborough Fault System, New Zealand: structural implications.
Audru J.C. and Delteil J.
Geodinamica Acta, 11-5

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