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Dr. Nathan Sheffer (United States)

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Date Publication
2011 Article: Integrated Cave Drip Monitoring for Epikarst Recharge Estimation in a Dry Mediterranean Area, Sif Cave – Israel
N. Sheffer, M. Cohen, E. Morin, T. Grodek, A. Gimburg, E. Magal, H. Gvrtzman, M. Nied, D. Isele, A. Frumkin
Hydrological Processes
2010 Article: Hydrometeorological daily recharge assessment model (DReAM) for the Western Mountain Aquifer, Israel: Model application and effects of temporal patterns
N.A. Sheffer, E. Dafny, H. Gvrtzman, S. Navon, A. Frumkin, E. Morin
Water Resources Research, 46
2007 Article: The Paleoflood Record of the Gardon River, France: A Comparison with the Extreme 2002 Flood Event
N. Sheffer, M. Rico, Ye. Enzel, G. Benito, T. Grodek
Geomorphology, 98
2003 Article: Claim of Largest Flood on Record Proves False
N. Sheffer, Y. Enzel, N. Waldmann, T. Grodek, G. Benito
EOS, 84
2003 Article: Paleofloods and Historical Floods of the Ardèche River.
N. Sheffer, Y. Enzel, G. Benito, T. Grodek, N. Porat, M. Lang, R. Naulet, D. Coeur
Water Resources Research, 39

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