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Dr. Jean-Pierre Gattuso

Dr. Jean-Pierre Gattuso


Laboratoire Océanographie
CNRS-Université de Paris 6
181 Chemin du Lazaret
06234 Villefranche-sur-mer Cedex, France

Email: gattuso@obs-vlfr.fr

Blog: Ocean acidification

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Date Publication
15.09.2011 Book: Ocean Acidification
Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Lina Hansson
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199591091
06.11.2006 Article: Light availability in the coastal ocean: impact on the distribution of benthic photosynthetic organisms and their contribution to primary production
J.-P. Gattuso, B. Gentili, C. M. Duarte, J. A. Kleypas, J. J. Middelburg, and D. Antoine
Biogeosciences, 3, 489-513
SRef: 1726-4189/bg/2006-3-489


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Latest Blog Posts

  • 17.08.2018: Climatic modulation of surface acidification rates through summertime wind forcing in the Southern Ocean

    While the effects of the Southern Annular Mode (SAM), a dominant climate variability mode in the Southern Ocean, on ocean acidification have been examined using models, no consensus has been reached. Using observational data from south of Tasmania, we show that during a period with positive SAM trends, surface water pH and aragonite saturation state […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 17.08.2018: Ocean acidification may affect lobster molt, reproduction

    The fact that the Gulf of Maine is warming more quickly than the majority of the world’s ocean regions is alarming enough. But with that warming comes an equally threatening change to the Gulf’s waters, increasing acidity. The effect of a more acidic Gulf on lobsters was the subject of a conference at Bowdoin College […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 17.08.2018: Elevated pCO2 affects feeding behaviour and acute physiological response of the brown crab Cancer pagurus

    Anthropogenic climate change exposes marine organisms to CO2 induced ocean acidification (OA). Marine animals may make physiological and behavioral adaptations to cope with OA. Elevated pCO2 may affect metabolism, feeding and energy partition of marine crabs, and thereby affect their predator-prey dynamics with mussels. Therefore, we examined the effects of simulated future elevated pCO2 on […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 17.08.2018: Getting warmer: understanding threats to ocean health

    The global ocean covers 70 percent of our planet, makes Earth habitable, and contributes to economies, food supplies, and our health. Yet the ocean is increasingly threatened by the growing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Two Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory scientists affiliated with the Center for Climate and Life are leading research projects that […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 17.08.2018: Trading reproductive potential for survival? How acidification could affect a key crustacean in the future ocean

    The climate is changing. This dire scenario is slowly starting to be felt all around the world, with global temperature averages increasing and climate patterns becoming disrupted. The problem begins with the continuous injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. As concentrations of this greenhouse gas increase, its dissolution into surface waters is favoured, […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

  • 16.08.2018: Oysters and eelgrass: potential partners in a high pCO2 ocean

    Climate change is affecting the health and physiology of marine organisms and altering species interactions. Ocean acidification (OA) threatens calcifying organisms such as the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas. In contrast, seagrasses, such as the eelgrass Zostera marina, can benefit from the increase in available carbon for photosynthesis found at a lower seawater pH. Seagrasses can […]

    Source: Ocean acidification

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