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Dr. Kevin McGuire

Dr. Kevin McGuire


Virginia Water Resource Research Center
Virginia Tech
210-B Cheatham Hall
24061 Blacksburg, VA, United States

Email: kevin.mcguire@vt.edu


Professional Preparation
B.S., 1997, Susquehanna University, Environmental Science
M.S., 1999, The Pennsylvania State University, Forest Resources
Ph.D., 2004, Oregon State University, Forest Engineering (Hydrology)            

2010- Associate Director, Virginia Water Resources Research Center, Virginia Tech
2009- Research Assistant Professor, Dept. Forest Res. and Envi. Conservation, Virginia Tech
2005-2008 Assistant Professor, Center for the Environment, Plymouth State University
2005-2008 Research Hydrologist, US Forest Service Northern Research Station
2004-2005 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Georgia Tech, Civil and Environmental Engineering
2000-2004 Graduate Research Assistant, Oregon State University, Dept. Forest Engineering
2000 Research Assist., Environmental Resources Research Institute, Penn State


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Date Publication
2010 Article: Hydrological connectivity of hillslopes and streams: Characteristic time scales and nonlinearities
McGuire, Kevin J., McDonnell, Jeffrey J.
Water Resources Research, 46, W10543
DOI: 10.1029/2010WR009341
2007 Article: Integrating tracer experiments with modeling to assess runoff processes and water transit time
McGuire, K.J., Weiler, M., McDonnell, J.J.
Advances in Water Resources, 30, 824–837
DOI: 0.1016/j.advwatres.2006.07.004
2007 Book Section: Stable isotope tracers in watershed hydrology
K. McGuire
DOI: 10.1002/9780470691854.ch11
ISBN: 978-1-4051-2680-9
2005 Article: The role of topography on catchment-scale water residence time
McGuire, K.J. McDonnell, J.J. Weiler, M. Kendall, C. Welker, J.M. McGlynn, B.L. Seibert, J.
Water Resources Research, 41, W05002
DOI: 10.1029/2004WR003657
2002 Article: Evaluation of mean residence time in subsurface waters using oxygen-18 fluctuations during drought conditions in the mid-Appalachians
K.J. McGuire, D.R. DeWalle, W.J. Gburek
Journal of Hydrology, 261, 132-149
DOI: 10.1016/S0022-1694(02)00006-9

Latest Blog Posts

  • 25.05.2018: Congratulations to our stream researchers

    David Lee and Carrie Jensen successfully defended their theses and graduated this spring.   Both worked in mountain streams and developed unique ways to monitor the dynamics that occur in those systems.  David’s work focused on passive monitoring of water

    Source: Watershed Hydrology Lab

  • 28.03.2018: Congrats Carrie!

    Carrie Jensen successfully defended her dissertation on temporary streams. We’re proud of her and wish her well as she moves on to new things.  Special thanks to her committee for their help and support: Andy Dolloff, Daniel McLaughlin, Durelle Scott,

    Source: Watershed Hydrology Lab

  • 08.03.2018: PhD Assistantship in Biogeochemistry at Virginia Tech for a project at Hubbard Brook

    We are seeking applicants for a Ph.D. research assistantship in the biogeochemistry of forested ecosystems.  Research will focus on the fate and transport of weathering products across spatial gradients within watersheds.  Project goals include characterizing dynamic solute fluxes that will

    Source: Watershed Hydrology Lab

  • 23.08.2017: Graduate Research Assistantships in Critical Zone Science

    We are seeking applicants for graduate research assistantships (one M.S. and one Ph.D.) in the study of mineral weathering and the fate of weathering products in forest ecosystems.  Applicants are sought for a project supported by the NSF at the

    Source: Watershed Hydrology Lab

  • 21.08.2017: New Hubbard Brook hydro and hydropedology papers from the group

    Our graduate students and collaborators on Hubbard Brook projects have several new papers now available online. Bourgault, R. R., Ross, D. S., Bailey, S. W., McGuire, K. J., Gannon, J. P., 2017. Redistribution of soil metals and organic carbon via

    Source: Watershed Hydrology Lab

  • 23.06.2017: Carrie’s manuscript on temporary stream dynamics in the Appalachians

    Carrie Jensen’s first paper was accepted in Hydrological Processes this week.  Her work is about characterizing the spatial and temporal dynamics of headwater stream wetting and drying.  This manuscript documents patterns of stream network expansion, contraction, and disconnection in watersheds

    Source: Watershed Hydrology Lab

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Latest Activities


Geosciences, Hydrology, Water resources, Ecohydrology, Stable Isotopes & Other Tracers, Hillslope, Catchment and River Basin, watershed management