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L. Antonio Cuevas

L. Antonio Cuevas


University of Bergen
Thormøhlensgt. 53 B
5020 Bergen, Norway

Email: Luis.Cuevas@bio.uib.no

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Date Publication
2010 Article: Nutrient pathways through the microbial web: Principles and predictability discussed in the light of five different experiments
Thingstad, T.F., Cuevas, L.A.
Aquatic Microbial Ecology, in press
2010 Article: The microbial community in the coastal upwelling system off Concepcion, Chile, 36oS, 2002-2003 period
Eissler, Y., Letelier, J., Cuevas, L.A., Morales, C.E., Escribano, R.
Rev Biol Mar Oceanog, 45, 1-18
2010 Article: Primary production and plankton dynamics in the Reloncaví Fjord and the Interior Sea of Chiloé, Northern Patagonia, Chile
González, H.E., Calderón, M.J., Castro, L., Clement, A., Cuevas, L.A., Daneri, G., Iriarte, J.L., Lizárraga, L., Martínez, R., Menschel, E., Silva, N., Carrasco, C., Valenzuela, C., Vargas, C.A., Molinet, C.
Marine Ecology Progress Series, 402, 13-30
2009 Article: High microbial degradation rates of small peptides and aminoacids in oxygen depleted waters
Pantoja, S., Rossel, P., Castro, R., Cuevas, L.A., Daneri, G., Córdova, C.
Deep-Sea Research II, 56, 1019-1026
2009 Book Section: Nanoplankton
Cuevas, L.A., Alder, V.A., Santoferrara, L.F.
ISBN: 978-950-23-1663-5
2009 Book Section: Picoplankton
Alder, V.A., Cuevas, L.A., Franzosi, C.
ISBN: 978-950-23-1663-5
2007 Article: Productivity cycles in the coastal upwelling area of Concepcion: the importance of diatoms and bacteria in the flux of organic carbon
Montero, P., Daneri, G., Cuevas, L.A., González H.E., Jacob, B., Lizárraga, L., Menschel, E.
Progress in Oceanography, 75, 518-530
2007 Article: The relative importance of microbial and classical food webs in a highly productive coastal upwelling area
Vargas, C., Martínez, R., Cuevas, L.A., Pavez, M., Cartes, C., González, H.E., Escribano, R., Daneri, G.
Limnology and Oceanography, 52, 1495-1510
2007 Article: Bacterial growth response to copepod grazing in aquatic ecosystems
Vargas, C., Cuevas, L.A., González, H.E., Daneri, G.
Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 87, 667-674
2006 Article: Nano-heterotrophs grazing on bacteria and cyanobacteria in oxic and suboxic waters at coastal upwelling areas off northern Chile
Cuevas, L.A. and Morales, C.E.
Journal of Plankton Research, 28, 385-397
2005 Article: Ammonium cycling under a strong oxygen gradient associated with the oxygen minimum zone off northern Chile (~23°S)
Molina, V., Farias, L., Eissler, Y., Cuevas, L.A., Morales, C.E, Escribano, R.
Marine Ecology Progress Series, 288, 35-43
2004 Article: Microbial abundance and activity in the seasonal upwelling area off Concepción (36ºS), central Chile: A comparison of upwelling and non-upwelling conditions
Cuevas, L.A., Daneri, G., Jacob, B., Montero P.
Deep-Sea Research II, 51, 2427-2440
2003 Article: Bacterial carbon flow in the Humboldt Current System off Chile
Troncoso, V.A., Daneri, G., Cuevas, L.A., Jacob, B. and Montero P.
Marine Ecology Progress Series, 250, 1-12

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