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Dr. Nataša Ravbar

Dr. Nataša Ravbar


Karst research Institute SRC SASA
Titov trg 2
6230 Postojna, Slovenia

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Date Publication
2012 Article: Karstological study of the new Kunming airport building area (Yunnan, China).
M. Knez, J. Kogovšek, H. Liu, J. Mulec, M. Petrič, N. Ravbar, T. Slabe
Environmental earth sciences, 66, 1-11
DOI: 10.1007/s12665-011-1506-x
2012 Article: The study of hydrodynamic behaviour of a complex karst system under low-flow conditions using natural and artificial tracers (the catchment of the Unica River, SW Slovenia)
N. Ravbar, JA. Barbera, M. Petrič, J. Kogovšek, B. Andreo Navarro
Environmental earth sciences,, 65, 8, 2259-2272
DOI: 10.1007/s12665-012-1523-4
2011 Article: Anomalous behaviour of specific electrical conductivity at a karst spring induced by variable catchment boundaries : the case of the Podstenjšek spring, Slovenia.
N. Ravbar, I. Engelhardt, N. Goldscheider
Hydrological Processes, 25, 13, 2130-2140
DOI: 10.1002/hyp.7966
2011 Article: Development challenges in karst regions : sustainable land use planning in the karst of Slovenia.
F. Gabrovšek, M. Knez, J. Kogovšek, A. Mihevc, J. Mulec, M. Perne, M. Petrič, T. Pipan, M. Prelovšek, T. Slabe, S. Šebela, N. Ravbar
Carbonates and Evaporites, 26, 4, 365-380
DOI: 10.1007/s13146-011-0072-3
2010 Article: Mapping the vulnerability of groundwater to the contamination of four carbonate aquifers in Europe.
J. Vias, B. Andreo Navarro, N. Ravbar, H. Hoetzl
Journal of Environmental Management, 91, 7, 1500-1510
DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2010.02.025
2010 Article: Extreme hydrological events in karsts areas of Slovenia, the case of the Unica River basin.
G. Kovacic, N. Ravbar
Geodinamica Acta, 23, 1/3, 89-100
2010 Article: Characterisation of karst areas using multiple geo-science techniques, a case study from SW Slovenia
N. Ravbar, G. Kovacic
Acta Carsologica, 39, 1, 51-60
2010 Article: Recent results of tracer tests in the catchment of the Unica River (SW Slovenia)
F. Gabrovšek, J. Kogovšek, G. Kovačič, M. Petrič, N. Ravbar, J. Turk
Acta Carsologica, 39, 1, 27-37
2010 Book Section: The characteristics of groundwater flow in karst aquifers during long lasting low flow conditions, example from SW Slovenia.
N. Ravbar, M. Petrič, J. Kogovšek
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-12486-0
ISBN: 978-3-642-12485-3
2010 Article: Editorial: research frontiers and practical challenges in karst hydrogeology
N. Goldscheider, N. Ravbar
Acta Carsologica, 39, 2, 169-172
2009 Article: Comparative application of four methods of groundwater vulnerability mapping in a Slovene karst catchment
N. Ravbar, N. Goldscheider
Hydrogeology Journal, 17: 3., 725-733
DOI: 10.1007/s10040-008-0368-0
2009 Article: Source vulnerability mapping in carbonate (karst) aquifers by extension of the COP method: application to pilot sites
B. Andreo, N. Ravbar, J.M. Vias
Hydrogeology Journal, 17: 3., 749-758
DOI: 10.1007/s10040-008-0391-1
2007 Article: Proposed methodology of vulnerability and contamination risk mapping for the protection of karst aquifers in Slovenia
N. Ravbar
Acta Carsologica, 36: 3., 461-475
2007 Book: The protection of karst waters – a comprehensive Slovene Approach to vulnerability and contamination risk mapping
N. Ravbar
ZRC Publishing, Karst Research Institute at ZRC SAZU 6: Carsologica
ISBN: 978-961-254-010-4
2006 Article: Karst aquifer hazard assessment and mapping on the Classical Karst
N. Ravbar
Acta geographica Slovenica, 46: 2, 169-189
DOI: 10.3986/AGS46202
2006 Article: Karst water management in Slovenia in the frame of vulnerability mapping .
N. Ravbar, G. Kovacic
Acta carsologica, 35: 2, 73-82
2005 Article: Mapping of hazards to karst groundwater on the Velika planina plateau
G. Kovacic, N. Ravbar
Acta carsologica, 34: 1., 73-85
2005 Article: A review of the potential and actual sources of pollution to groundwater in selected karst areas in Slovenia
N. Ravbar, G. Kovacic
Nat. hazards earth syst. sci., 5: 2., 225-233

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