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Rafiq Hamdi

Rafiq Hamdi


II section 3
Royal meteorological institute
Avenue Circulaire, 3
1180 Bruxelles, Belgium

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Date Publication
2011 Article: Initial Results from Phase 2 of the International Urban Energy Balance Comparison Project.
Grimmond, Sue; Blackett, Matthew; Best, Martin; Baik, Jong-Jin; Belcher, Stephen; Beringer, Jason; Bohnenstengel, Sylvia; Calmet, Isabelle; Chen, Fei; Dandou, Aggeliki; Fortuniak, Krzysztof; Gouvea, Mariana; Hamdi, Rafiq; Hendry, Margaret; Kanda, Manabu; Kawai, T; KAWAMOTO, Yoichi; KONDO, Hiroaki; Krayenhoff, E; Lee, Sang-Hyun; Loridan, Thomas; Martilli, Alberto; Masson, Valery; Miao, S; Oleson, Keith; OOKA, RYOZO; Pigeon, Gregoire; Porson, Aurore; Ryu, Young-Hee; Salamanca, Francisco; Steeneveld, Gert-Jan; Tombrou-Tzella, Maria; Voogt, James; Young, Duick; Zhang, Ning
International Journal of Climatology, 31, 244–272
12.2010 Article: Estimating Urban Heat Island Effects on the Temperature Series of Uccle (Brussels, Belgium) Using Remote Sensing Data and a Land Surface Scheme
R. Hamdi
Remote Sensing, 2, 2773-2784
2010 Article: The international urban energy balance models comparison project: first results from phase 1
Grimmond, CSB, M Blackett, M Best, Baik J, Bohnenstengel S, Calmet I, Chen F,Dandou A, Fortuniak K, Gouvea ML, Hamdi R, Hendry M, Kondo H, Krayenhoff S, Lee S,Loridan T, Martilli A, Masson V, Miao S, Oleson K, Pigeon G, Porson A, Salamanca F, Shashua-Bar L, Steeveveld G, Trombou M, Voogt J, Zhang N
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 49, 1268-1292
10.2009 Article: Effects of historical urbanization in the Brussels Capital Region on surface air temperature time series: a model study
R. Hamdi, A. Deckmyn, P. Termonia, G. R. Demarée, P. Baguis, S. Vanhuysse, and E. Wolff
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 48, 2181-2196
2009 Article: Study of the lateral boundary condition temporal resolution problem and a proposal solution by means of boundary error restarts
Termonia P. A. Deckmyn, and R. Hamdi
Monthly Weather Review, 137, 3551-3566
10.2008 Article: clusion of a drag approach in the Town Energy Balance (TEB) Scheme: Offline 1-D validation in a street canyon
R. Hamdi, V. Masson
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 47, 2627-2644
2008 Article: Sensitivity study of the urban heat island intensity to urban characteristics
R. Hamdi, G. Schayes
International Journal of Climatology, 28, 973-982
31.08.2007 Article: Validation of Martilli's urban boundary layer scheme with measurements from two mid-latitude European cities
R. Hamdi and G. Schayes
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 7, 4513-4526
SRef: 1680-7324/acp/2007-7-4513
2007 Article: Stability and accuracy of the physics - dynamics coupling in spectral models
P. Termonia, R. Hamdi
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 133, 1589-1604
2007 Article: Improving the Martilli's urban boundary layer scheme: offline validation over different urban surfaces
R. Hamdi, G. Schayes
Developments in Environmental Science, 6, 737-739
2006 Article: Single-column model intercomparison for a stably stratified atmospheric boundary layer
Cuxart J, A.A.M. Holtslag, R.J. Beare, E. Bazile, A. Beljaars, A. Cheng, L. Conangla, M. Ek, F. Freedman, R. Hamdi, A. Kerstein, H. Kitagawa, G. Lenderink, D. Lewellen, J. Mailhot, T. Mauritsen, V. Perov, G. Schayes, G-J. Steeneveld, G. Svensson, P. Taylor, S. Wunsch, W. Weng, and K-M. Xu
Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 118, 273-303
01.07.2005 Article: Validation of the Martilli's Urban Boundary Layer Scheme with measurements from two mid-latitude European cities
R. Hamdi, G. Schayes
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 5, 4257-4289
SRef: 1680-7375/acpd/2005-5-4257

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