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Dr. Raúl Fernando Vázquez Zambrano

Dr. Raúl Fernando Vázquez Zambrano


Dirección de Investigación
Universidad de Cuenca
Av 12 de Abril s/n
not applicab Cuenca, Ecuador

Department Tel. No.: 00593 4051000 ext. 4415


Born on 1970. Obtained on 1993 a 6-year Civil Engineering Degree from the University of Cuenca (UCuenca). On 1997, got a MSc. Degree in Water Resources Engineering (option Hydrology) from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (K.U.Leuven) and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUBrussel), Belgium. On June of 2003 obtained a PhD Degree in Engineering (option Civil Engineering) from the KULeuven with specialisation on hydrologic/hydraulic modelling. Has carried out professional and research activities at Ecuador, Belgium, France and Spain. Professional activities include consulting and supervision of construction sites. Was researcher at Zaragoza-Spain for about 4 years before joining the Universidad de Cuenca (Ecuador). Supervised PhD, MSc. and undergraduate students at Belgium, France and Spain.

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Date Publication
2014 Article: Prediction limits of a catchment hydrological model using different estimates of ETp
R.F. Vázquez, H. Hampel
Journal of Hydrology, 513, 216-228
2012 Article: Parameter sensitivity analysis and prediction error in a field-scale NO3-N modelling
El-Sadek A. and R. F. Vázquez
Agricultural Water Management, 111, 115-126
2011 Article: Modeling of Hydrological Processes Using Unstructured and Irregular Grids: 2D Groundwater Application
J. Dehotin, R. F. Vázquez, I. Braud, S. Debionne; P. Viallet
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 16(2), 108-125
2010 Article: Rainfall-runoff modelling of a rocky catchment with limited data availability: defining prediction limits
R. F. Vázquez Zambrano and Jan Feyen
Journal of Hydrology, 387, 128-140
DOI: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2010.04.004
2009 Article: GLUE based assessment on the overall predictions of a MIKE SHE application
Vázquez R. F., K. Beven and J. Feyen
Water Resources Management, 23(7), 1325-1349
2008 Book Section: Application of distributed hydrologic models
Vázquez R. F. and J. Feyen
ISBN: 978-0-415-44056-1
2008 Article: Improving the predictions of a MIKE SHE catchment-scale application by using multi-criteria approach
Vázquez R. F., P. Willems and J. Feyen
Hydrological Processes, 22(13), 2159-2179
2007 Article: Assessment of the effects of DEM gridding on the predictions of basin runoff using MIKE SHE and a modelling resolution of 600 m
R. F. Vázquez Zambrano and Jan Feyen
Journal of Hydrology, 334, 73-87
2004 Article: Potential Evapotranspiration for the Distributed Modeling of Belgian Catchments
Vázquez R. F. and J. Feyen
(ASCE) Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, 130(1), 1-8
2003 Article: Effect of potential evapotranspiration estimates on effective parameters and performance of the MIKE SHE-code applied to a medium-size catchment
R. F. Vázquez Zambrano and Jan Feyen
Journal of Hydrology, 270(4), 309-327
2002 Article: Effect of grid-size on effective parameters and model performance of the MIKE SHE code applied to a medium sized catchment.
Vázquez R. F., L. Feyen, J. Feyen and J. C. Refsgaard
Hydrological Processes, 16(2), 355-372.
2002 Article: Assessment of the performance of a distributed code in relation to the ETp estimates
R. F. Vázquez Zambrano and Jan Feyen
Water Resources Management, 16(4), 329-350
2000 Article: Application of a distributed physically-based hydrological model to a medium size catchment.
Feyen L., R. F. Vázquez, K. Christiaens, O. Sels and J. Feyen
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 4(1), 47-63

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Geosciences, Hydrology, hydraulic modeling, Climate and Earth System Modeling, Uncertainty