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Dr. Samantha Lavender

Dr. Samantha Lavender


Pixalytics Ltd
1 Davy Road, Tamar Science Pa
PL6 8BX Plymouth, United Kingdom

Department Tel. No.: +44 1752 764407
Department Fax No.: +44 1752 772227
Department Email: enquires@pixalytics.com


Dr Samantha Lavender has over 15 years research experience. Her research interests have focused primarily on the quantitative remote sensing of water bodies using their colour signature. Often called ocean colour, it's used to quantify and concentrations and behaviour of what's dissolved or suspended by modelling the optical properties. Research extends from the movement of sediments in the coastal zone to phytoplankton in the open ocean. Both topics link to wider issues, such as climate change, as remote sensing is an important monitoring tool. Recent community activities have also included the ESA GlobColour project; demonstrating an Earth Observation based service. She is also Chairman for the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetric Society, Treasurer for EARSeL and Chair of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Working Group VIII.3 (Coastal and Ocean Applications).

Dr Lavender runs Pixalytics Ltd, a company focused on the promotion and development of satellite information for both commercial and educational uses. In addition, she continues to be involved in Plymouth University activities as an Honorary Reader.

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