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Prof. Lala Sukla

Prof. Lala Sukla


Multidisciplinary cell
SOA University
751030 Bhubaneswar, India


I. CURRICULUM VITAE 1. Name and Address: LALA BEHARI SUKLA 2. Official Address: Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology Bhubaneswar -751013. Ph: (+91) (674) 2581635-Extn: 9528 E-mail: suklalb@yahoo.co.in, lbsukla@immt.res.in 3. Designation:Emeritus  SCIENTIST 4. Date of Superannuation: 31.12.2011 5. Date of Birth : 28.12.1949 6. Educational Qualification Sl. No College Degree Date Major subject 1. NIT, Rourkela B.Sc (Engineering) 1971 Metallurgy 2. NIT, Rourkela M.Tech 1973 Metallurgy 7. Specialisation / Major Scientific fields of interest Biomineral processing for extraction of metal values from ores, concentrates and wastes. Bioleaching, Biobenefication, Bioadsorption, Bioprecipitation, Bioremediation, Microbial strain improvement. 8. Professional Experience i) 36 years of R & D experience in the area of biomineral processing and Heading the biominerals department of Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (IMMT), Bhubaneswar. ii) Carried out research work at the Stolberg Consulting farm, Stolberg, Germany, Higher Institute of Mining and Geology, Sofia, Bulgaria, University of Athens, Greece, Institute of Environmental Science, Polish Academy of Science, Poland. iii) Development of microbial process to extract metal values from ores/minerals, byproducts and wastes products, and establishment of kinetics of Bio-processes. 9. Significant Contributions: Contributed significantly in the area of ‘biomineral processing & Microbial strain improvement’. 10. Membership of Academic Bodies i) Life Member of Indian Institute of Metals ii) Life Member of Association of Microbiologists of India iii) Life Member of Indian Institute of Mineral Engineers iv) Life Member of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers v) Life member of Orissa Academy of Science 11. Honours, Awards and Recognitions 1. Received “IIME Mineral Beneficiation Award: Academic / R&D for the year 2009”for his contribution to the development in the field of Mineral Engineering. 2. Received “Sita Ram Rungta Memorial Award – 2007” of SGAT for the year 2007 for outstanding work in the field of bio-mineral processing. 3. Received “Nilamani Devi –Biswanath Das Award” of IIM for the year 2001 for excellent work in the area of Biohydrometallurgy. 4. “Best Poster Award” (2nd prize) at NMD-ATM of IIM held at Bhilai, 2000 for the paper ‘Extraction of metal values from zinc concentrate using Thiobacillus ferrooxidans.’ 5. Signed MOU with Hindustan Copper limited, Kolkata and Vishakhapattanum Steel plant for their waste treatment through bioleaching. 5. Question setter for Indian School of Mines University, Dhanbad in the area of Biomineral Processing. 6. Member Project Monitoring Committee, Department of Biotechnology (DBT) New Delhi. 7. Member of PAC, Biotechnology Department, Utkal University. 8. Recognized Ph.D guide for Utkal &Kalyani University. 9. Member of ENVIS Center on environmental biotechnology. 10. Coordinator of eastern region network algae biofuel. 11. Editorial board Member the Journal World Environment 12. Ph.D. students guided 1. Degree Awarded (3) i. Dr.Celin Acharya received Ph.D degree on “Microbial Desulphurization of coal and bioleaching of Manganese ore” from Utkal University in Life Science (2000) ii. Dr. Lipika Patnaik received Ph.D degree on “Studies on extraction of metal values from complex sulphide concentrates using Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans from Utkal University in Life Science (2006). iii. Ms. Smaranika Mohapatra has received Ph.D thesis on “Biomineral Processing of Nickel Ore” from Kalyani University. (2009). 3. Newly Registered Three person have registered for their Ph.D under Utkal University. 13. Publications i. Editor of Book 2 ii. Papers published in international SCI journals 54 iii. Papers published in national Journals 49 iv. Paper accepted for publication 6 v. Patents 6 vi. Ph.D awarded 3 vii. Project report submitted (As Leader) 10 viii Guided M.Tech, B.Tech, M.Sc. Dissertation 25 ix Reviewer in journals 03 x. Invited Talks in the area of Biomineral processing 07 14. Countries Visited 1. Stolberg Inginieur Beratung GmbH(Consulting company) Germany from 3rd September to 31st October,1984 Discussed and contributed to the design engineering for pilot plant on Extraction of Copper from complex sulphide ore/concentrate to be created at IMMT. 2. Higher Institute of Mining and Geology, Sofia, Bulgaria in connection with the bacterial leaching project, Sept. 1988 to October 1988. 3. Department of metallurgy, National Technical University of Athens, Greece from 1st Nov. 1988 to 6th Nov.1988 to regarding bacterial leaching project. 4. Institute of Environmental Engineering, Polish Academy of Science, Poland. From 16thMay 1996 to June 2nd 1996, under the joint programme on microbial desulphurization coal and bacterial leaching of low grade ore. II. R & D INVOLVEMENT AND ACHIEVMENTS (2000-2008) (A) Involvement in some of the projects of international and national importance at various capacities is mentioned below: International Projects a) Microbial desulphurization of Assam coal, lignite and polish coal was jointly carried out between IMMT, Bhubaneswar and Institute of Environmental Science, Polish Academy of Science, Poland, leader as from Indian side. Achievements: Microbial desulphurization of Assam coal, Lignite & polish coal have been optimized. It was possible to remove 80% sulphur using indigenous micro flora. b) Microbial desulphurization of petroleum coke sponsored by ALCOA, USA- Project Leader. Achievements: i. Petroleum coke was desulphurised through bioleaching. ii. An international patent was field by ALOCA, USA. Under this Project desulphurised coke will be used for electrode making for the aluminium industry which will decrease the energy consumption. c) Characterization and recovery of copper from low-grade copper tailing dump of Lusaka copper mines of Zambia- Team member Achievements:i.92% copper from copper tailing was recovered using microbial techniques in shake flank. ii.89% copper was recovered using microbial techniques in Bioreactor. National Projects a) Bio mineral processing for extraction of metal values from ores/ concentrates/wastes. Planning Commission, Feb 2004 – March 2007 (CORE - 20), 10th Five Year Plan Program, Network project, costing Rs. 16 crores of rupees, As Leader of the project and coordinating the R&D work of IMMT, NML and IICB. b) Extraction of Nickel and Cobalt from lateritic nickel ore and chromite over burden of Orissa using microbial technique, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, Gap-109, Dec 2003- Nov 2006, costing Rs.10.33 lakhs- Project Leader. C) Evaluation of process variables in continuous scale bio oxidation of complex sulphide ores/concentrates of Ambamata / Sikkim, Ministry of Coal & Mines, New Delhi and Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, (Nov 2000 – April 2002), Rs. 24 lakhs- Project Leader. d) MICROBIOLOGICAL desulphurization of coal and metal recovery from mine wastes and low grade ores by hydrometallurgical and microbial methods, Collaborative project: CSIR & polish Academy, (September 2000-Feb 2003), Rs.2 lakh- Project Leader. III. PRESENT ACTIVITIES 1. Ongoing R & D Projects (As Project Leader) i) 2000 tonne bio heap leaching plant of low grade copper has been set up for extraction of copper ore under my supervision, at Malanjkhand Copper Projects (HCL, India) sponsored by Ministry of mines. ii) Area coordinator of Eastern zone on algal oil production from micro- algae, DBT. iii) Microbial Desulphurization of calcined petroleum coke ALCOA, USA iv) Development of Microbial process for recovery of Nickel and Cobalt from Chromite overburden, Sukinda (OMC, Bhubaneswar). v) Microbial removal of phosphorus from LD slag of Vishakhapattanum Steel plant 2. Activities of Biominerals Department (As Head) Main Objective: Developing Microbial processes for extraction of non-ferrous metals from (i) Lean complex off-grade ores and minerals (ii) Wastes & by products from metallurgical & allied industries (iii) slag, leach residue, effluents following hydrometallurgical & electrolysis techniques. Area of research: BioLeaching, Biobenefication, Biofloatation, Strain development, Solid/Liquid Separation, Solution Purification, Solvent Extraction, pollution abatement. Projects: At the moment, the Department is working in SIX Sponsored Projects (listed in ANNEXURE – II) of total ECF value of Rs 5 crores. Business Contacts: A. International - ALCOA, USA, Barrick Gold Corporation, Toronto, Canada. Several international projects have been received & more are in pipe line. B. National- HCL, NALCO, VIZAG STEEL PLANT,TATA STEEL,DBT,MOM and OMC who sponsored project for this Department, and for other Departments, of IMMT C. Contacts were made and being maintained with BIPUT, NIT (Rourkela) and KIITS (Bhubaneswar) for academic collaboration. 3. Technology Developed (In the Area of Biomineral Processing) Technologies are being developed for the following agencies on turn-key basis i) Hindustan copper limited (HCL) : Copper ii) ALCOA, U.S.A : Sulphur Removal from coke iii) Orissa Mining Cooperation (OMC) : Nickel iv)Vizag Steel Plant : Phosphorous removal from LD Slag 4. The technical papers published in journals of national and international standing include: (International Standing) : Metallurgical Transactions-B; Trans. Instant. Min. Metal; Sec C (London); Hydrometallurgy; Proceedings of Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy Mineral , Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, International journal of Mineral processing., Ertz Metal, Scandinavian journal of Metallurgy, World Journal of Microbiology and biotechnology, Acoustic Letters, International journal of Environmental Studies, Fuel, Journal of Chemical technology & Biotechnology, Separation Science & Technology, Minerals & Metallurgical Processing, European journal of mineral processing & environmental processing, Applied Biochemistry & Biotechnology, Minerals Engineering, Ecological Modelling, Bioresource Technology, Research and microbiology. (National Standing) : Trans. Ind. Inst. Metals; Metals Materials and Processes; Bulletin of Electrochemistry, SGAT Bulletin ,Steel India, Indian Journal microbiology, Journal of Microbial world Many of these publications are regularly referred in many of the important reviews. IV.DETAIL SCIENTIFIC CONTRIBUTION (In the field of biomineral processing) Significant R&D contributions are highlighted below: 1. Established a group of iron (III) reducing bacteria (IRB) to convert the goethite (α-FeOOH) present in the original lateritic Nickel ore to magnetite under an anaerobic condition and subsequently release the bound Co (III) and Ni (II) through leaching.. An anaerobic dissimilatory iron (III) reducing bacterial consortium capable of using acetate as carbon source (electron donor) and lateritic ore as terminal electron acceptor, changes the initial light brown colour of the ore to dark brown. The change in colour is due to the conversion of goethite to magnetite. 2. Mechanism of reaction by Bacterial (Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans) attachment in form of biofilm through Exopolysaccharides formation over the ore was established. Biofilm grown on uranium ore substrate was used for the study. Micro- Raman analysis revealed the different constituents of molecular polymeric substances(EPS) while AFM images indicated bacterial cells surrounded by EPS. 3. Biologically fabricated nanostructures are naturally occurred advanced materials. Keeping this in view, attempts were made to isolate fungi from different mine area and utilized them for biosynthesis of nano particles and characterized them with respect to different shape, size and composition. 4. A new technology on “ Microbial Desulphurization of calcined petroleum coke(CPC) has been developed under my leadership. The sulphur content in the CPC was reduced to meet stringent standards of emission in the electrolytic smelting of alumina. An international project was sponsored by ALCOA,USA. 5. Several new microorganism have been isolated to selectively remove alumina and silica from low grade iron ore. High alumina and silica content in the iron ore affects coke rate, reducibility and productivity in blast furnace operation. 6. Biomineral processing holds great promise and practical significance in India. This technology has attained commercial acceptability world wide. The following technology has been transferred to the industry under my leadership. a) 2000 Tonne Bio-heap leaching plant has been set up at HCL, Malanjkhand. b) Microbial desulphurization of calcined petroleum coke process was developed .This process has been taken by ALCOA, USA. c) Microbial process technology to recover nickel and cobalt from Chromite over burden has been developed, which has drawn attention of Orissa Mining Corporation. d) Microbial dephosphorization of LD slag has been successfully done and technology was transferred to Vishakhapattanum steel plant. The technology developed will be commercialized in our country. e) Continuous bioreactor plant of 160 liter capacity was set up at IMMT, Bhubaneswar to treat concentrates of copper and Zinc ore f) 15 & 30 tonne Bio-heap leaching plant has been setup at IMMT, Bhubaneswar to treat low grade copper ore. g) Fundamental aspects of bioleaching have been undertaken: 3 students got PhD, 1 submitted & 3 have registered for PhD

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