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Dr. Viorel Chendes

Dr. Viorel Chendes


GIS Data Processing
National Institute of Hydrology & Water Management
Sos. Bucuresti - Ploiesti, 97, Sector 1
013686 Bucharest, Romania

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Viorel-Chendes/100001620629121

Secretary Tel. No.: +40213181115
Secretary Email: relatii@hidro.ro

Department Tel. No.: +40213181115 / 122
Department Email: viorel.chendes@hidro.ro


I am a Senior Researcher, having major interests on surface water resources, hydrology models, flood assessment and GIS. I acquired over 10 years of experience in these fields in the Institute of Geography, Faculty of Geography ("Spiru Haret" University), and Faculty of Hydrotechnics (Technical University of Civil Engineering).

In present, I am the Head of G.I.S. Data Processing Laboratory from National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (INHGA), preparing de GIS databases for hydrological studies (flood studies, analysis of catchments or rivers, topographic analysis, etc.), their integration in the hydrological databases, development of some research projects, etc.

During 2003-2004, I have been involved in the co-ordination and development of an UNESCO Project: "The elaboration of the graphic database of the Romanian hydrological network (Danube tributaries and main rivers belonging to Romania)" as a support for the project "Basin-wide water balance of the Danube river basin", in the framework of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) UNESCO. In 2004, together with other experts from INHGA, provided consultancy services in connection with EuropeAid/114577/D/SV/RO - RO 0103.03-02 "Protection of wetlands of the Danube - a pilot project for Cama Dinu islets area", co-ordinated by Haskoning Nederland BV.

The PhD thesis (2007) had the title "The runoff and suspended load in Bend Subcharpatians", and it is based entirely on the applicability of GIS methods and techniques in hydrology. The spatial distribution of several physico-geographical factors and their analysis in GIS system, including spatial statistics, has allowed the development of new relationships between them and the different components of runoff and suspended load.

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Date Publication
2011 Article: Climatologic adjustments to monthly precipitation in Romania
Sorin Cheval, Mǎdǎlina Baciu, Alexandru Dumitrescu, Traian Breza, David R. Legates, Viorel Chendeş
International Journal of Climatology, 31, 704–714
DOI: 10.1002/joc.2099
2010 Article: The Adjustement of JRC Pedotransfer Rules at a Scale of 1:200 000
Sorina Dumitru, Catalin Simota, Viorel Chendeş
Research Journal of Agricultural Science, 42(3), 116-121
Full article
2010 Article: The Assessment of some Hydrometeorological Aridity Indices in the Bend Subcarpathians and Peripheral Zones
Viorel Chendeş, Sorin Cheval, Sorina Dumitru
Research Journal of Agricultural Science, 42(3), 60-70
Full article
2010 Article: A country-wide spatial assessment of landslide susceptibility in Romania
Dan Bălteanu, Viorel Chendeş, Mihaela Sima, Petru Enciu
Geomorphology, 124, 102 - 112
DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2010.03.005
2009 Article: GIS landslide hazard map of Romania, tool for disaster management and spatial planning
Dan Bălteanu, Viorel Chendeş, Mihaela Sima
GIM International, 23(4), 33-35
GIS landslide hazard map of Romania
2009 Article: G.I.S. Procedure for Flood-Prone Areas Mapping Based on the Results of the Flood Simulation Models
Petre Stanciu, Viorel Chendeş, Ciprian Corbuş, Marius Mătreaţă
Studia Universitas Babeş-Bolyai, Geographia, LIV, 3, 139-145
2006 Article: The using of the ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst extention for the achievement of the Digital Terrain Model along the Danube River
Viorel Chendeş, Iulian Nichersu, Alexandru Preda, Ionuţ Trocea
Geographia Technica, 1, 37-42

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Geosciences, Geography, spatial analysis, GIS, Hydrology, Hydrology and Surface Processes, Hydrology and Land Forms, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Hydrological Sciences, Hydrological Hazards, Hydrology and Climate, Geomorphology, Geomorphometry, Spatial modelling