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Dr. Yu-Ying Zhang

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Date Publication
2011 Article: HIFLUGCS: Galaxy Cluster Scaling Relations between X-ray Luminosity, Gas Mass, Cluster Radius, and Velocity Dispersion
Zhang, Y.-Y., Andernach, H., Caretta, C. A. Reiprich, T. H., Boehringer, H., Puchwein, E., Sijacki, D. Girardi, M.
A&A, in press
2010 Article: LoCuSS: Probing Galaxy Transformation Physics with Herschel
Smith, G. P., Haines, C. P., Pereira, M. J., Egami, E., Moran, S. M., Hardegree-Ulman, E., Babul, A., Rex, M., Rawle, T. D., Zhang, Y.-Y., Finoguenov, A., Okabe, N., Sanderson, A. J. R., Edge, A., & Takada, M.
A&A, 518, L18
2010 Article: LoCuSS: Quantifying X-ray Mass Proxies for Cluster Cosmology with Subaru Weak Lensing Program
Okabe, N., Zhang, Y.-Y., Finoguenov, A., Takada, M., Umetsu, K., Smith, G.P., & Futamase, T.
ApJ, 721, 875
2010 Article: A Weak Lensing Study of X-ray Groups in the COSMOS survey: Form and Evolution of the Mass-Luminosity Relation
Leauthaud, A., Finoguenov, A., Kneib, J. P., Taylor, J. E., Massey, R., Rhodes, J., Ilbert, O., Bundy, K., Tinker, J., George, M. R., Capak, P., Koekemoer, A. M., Johnston, D. E., Zhang, Y.-Y., Cappelluti, N., Ellis, R. S., Elvis, M., Heymans, C., Le Fevre, O., Lilly, S., McCraken, H. J., Mellier, Y., Refregier, A., Salvato, M., Scoville, N., Smoot, G., Tanaka, M., Van Waerbeke, L., & Wolk, M.
ApJ, 709, 97
2010 Article: The 400d Galaxy Cluster Survey Weak Lensing Programme: I: MMT/Megacam Analysis of CL0030+2618 at z=0.50
Israel, H., Erben, T., Reiprich, T.H., Vikhlinin, A., Hildebrandt, H., Hudson, D.S., McLeod, B.A., Sarazin, C.L., Schneider, P., & Zhang, Y.-Y.
A&A, 520, 58
2010 Article: Non-parametric modeling of the intra-cluster gas using APEX-SZ bolometer imaging data
Basu, K., Zhang, Y.-Y., Nord, M., Bender, A.N., Bertoldi, F., Dobbs, M., Eckmiller, H., Halverson, N.W., Holzapfel, W.L., Horellou, C., Jaritz, V., Johansson, D., Johnson, B., Kennedy, J., Kneissl, R., Lanting, T., Lee, A.T., Mehl, J., Menten, K.M., Navarrete, F.P., Pacaud, F., Reichardt, C.L., Reiprich, T.H., Richards, P.L., Schwan, D., & Westbroock, B.
A&A, 519, 29
2010 Article: LoCuSS: A Comparison of Cluster Mass Measurements from XMM-Newton and Subaru - Testing Deviation from Hydrostatic Equilibrium and Non-Thermal Pressure Support
Zhang, Y.-Y., Okabe, N., Finoguenov, A., Smith, G.P., Piffaretti, R., Valdarnini, R., Babul, A., Evrard, A.E., Mazzotta, P., Sanderson, A.J.R., & Marrone, D.P.
ApJ, 711, 1033
2009 Article: Suzaku, Chandra, and XMM-Newton Analysis of Abell 2204: The Galaxy Cluster Gas Temperature Profile from 10 kpc to 1800 kpc
Reiprich, T. H., Hudson, D. S., Zhang, Y.-Y., Sato, K., Ishisaki, Y., Hoshino, A., Ohashi, T., Ota, N., & Fujita, Y.
A&A, 501, 899
2009 Article: Weak lensing observation of potentially X-ray underluminous galaxy clusters
Dietrich, J.P., Biviano, A., Popesso, P., Zhang, Y.-Y., Lombardi, M., & Boehringer, H.
A&A, 499, 669
2009 Article: X-ray Substructure Studies of Four Galaxy Clusters using XMM-Newton Data
Zhang, Y.-Y., Reiprich, T.H., Finoguenov, A., Hudson, D.S. & Sarazin, C.L.
ApJ, 699, 1178
2008 Article: Diffuse stellar emission in X-ray luminous galaxy clusters at z~0.3: I. Is the intracluster light boosted and rejuvenated in merging galaxy clusters?
Pierini, D., Zibetti, S., Braglia, F., Boehringer, H., Finoguenov, A., Lynam, P. D., & Zhang, Y.-Y.
A&A, 483, 727
2008 Article: XMM-Newton studies of a massive cluster of galaxies: RXCJ2228.6+2036
Jia, S.-M., Boehringer, H., Pointecouteau, E., Chen, Y., & Zhang, Y.-Y.
A&A, 489, 1
2008 Article: LoCuSS: comparison of observed X-ray and lensing galaxy cluster scaling relations with simulations
Zhang, Y.-Y., Finoguenov, A., Boehringer, H., Kneib, J.-P., Smith, G.-P., Kneissl, R., Okabe, N., & Dahle, H.
A&A, 482, 451
2007 Article: Statistics of X-ray Observables of Cooling Core and Non-cooling Core Clusters of Galaxies
Chen, Y., Reiprich, T.H., Boehringer, H., Ikebe, Y., & Zhang, Y.-Y.
A&A, 466, 805
2007 Article: The Representative XMM-Newton Cluster Structure Survey (REXCESS) of an X-ray Luminosity Selected Galaxy Cluster Sample
Boehringer, H., Schuecker, P., Pratt, G. W., Arnaud, M., Ponman, T. J., Croston, J. H., Borgani, S., Bower, R. G., Briel, U. G., Collins, C. A., Donahue, M., Forman, W. R., Finoguenov, A., Geller, M. J., Guzzo, L., Henry, J. P., Kneissl, R., Mohr, J. J., Matsushita, K., Mullis, C. R., Ohashi, T., Pedersen, K., Pierini, D., Quintana, H., Raychaudhury, S., Reiprich, T. H., Romer, A. K., Rosati, P., Sabirli, K., Temple, R. F., Viana, P. T. P., Vikhlinin, A., Voit, G. M., & Zhang, Y.-Y.
A&A, 469, 363
2007 Article: Scaling Relations and Mass Calibration of the X-ray Luminous Galaxy Clusters at z~0.2: XMM-Newton Observations
Zhang, Y.-Y., Finoguenov, A., Boehringer, H., Kneib, J.-P., Smith, G.-P., Czoske, O., & Soucail, G.
A&A, 467, 437
2006 Article: X-ray properties in massive galaxy clusters: XMM-Newton observations of the REFLEX-DXL sample
Zhang, Y.-Y., Boehringer, H., Finoguenov, A., Ikebe, Y., Matsushita, K., Schuecker, P., Guzzo, L., & Collins, C. A.
A&A, 456, 55
2005 Article: Cluster scaling and its redshift evolution from XMM-Newton
Finoguenov, A., Boehringer, H., Osmond, J. P. F., Ponman, T. J., Sanderson, A. J. R., Zhang, Y.-Y., & Zimer, M.
AdSpR, 36, 622
2005 Article: XMM-Newton study of the two-dimensional structure of the REFLEX-DXL galaxy clusters
Finoguenov, A., Boehringer, H., & Zhang, Y.-Y.
A&A, 442, 827
2005 Article: CHANDRA reveals galaxy cluster with the most massive nearby cooling core, RXCJ1504-0248
Boehringer, H., Burwitz, V., Zhang, Y.-Y., Schuecker, P., & Nowak, N.
ApJ, 633, 148
2005 Article: Exploring the Structure of Galaxy Clusters: XMM-Newton observations of the REFLEX-DXL clusters at z~0.3
Zhang, Y.-Y., Boehringer, H., Finoguenov, A., Ikebe, Y., Matsushita, K., Schuecker, P., Guzzo, L., & Collins, C. A.
AdSpR, 36, 667
2005 Article: XMM-Newton study of the lensing cluster of galaxies CL 0024+17
Zhang, Y.-Y., Boehringer, H., Mellier, Y., Soucail, G., & Forman, W.
A&A, 429, 85
2004 Article: Temperature gradients in XMM-Newton observed REFLEX-DXL galaxy clusters at z~0.3
Zhang, Y.-Y., Finoguenov, A., Boehringer, H., Ikebe, Y., Matsushita, K., & Schuecker, P.
A&A, 413, 49
2003 Article: The Effect of Radiative Cooling on the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Cluster Counts and Angular Power Spectra: Analytic Treatment
Zhang, Y.-Y. & Wu, X.-P.
ApJ, 583, 529
2001 Article: Testing the Universality of the TIS Model on Cluster Scales from the X-ray Surface Brightness Profiles
Zhang, Y.-Y.
RAA, 1, 29

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