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9 PhD positions for Geographic Information Science

27.01.2011, The Doctoral College GIScience

The University of Salzburg, Austria, Doctoral College - DK-GIScience, offers nine 3-year contracts at the Doctoral College DK-GIScience.


Source: USGS

Update M 7.2 earthquake Pakistan. No damage or injuries

25.01.2011, USGS

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 20:23:26 UTC, Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 01:23:26 AM at epicentre (USGS). The earthquake occurred in a thinly populated area near the Afghanistan and Iran borders.


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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture

25.01.2011, Royal Society

Meeting the challenges of food security and climate change. Discussion meeting hosted by The Royal Society, London, 28 February - 1 March 2011.


Are Californian mountain plants ignoring climate change?

23.01.2011, Science

During the last 80 years, 64 Californian mountain plant species have migrated downhill with an average of about 264 feet, a study finds.


Courtesy of NASA

A new, lower value of total solar irradiance

21.01.2011, Geophysical Research Letters

Two scientists claim to have found a much lower value of total solar irradiance. They measured a total of 1360.8 ± 0.5 W m−2, instead of the canonical value of 1365.4 ± 1.3 W m−2.


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NOAA: 2010 warmest on Record

16.01.2011, NOAA State of the Climate

Another record breaking warm year, 2010 shares with 2005 the title of the warmest year after a steady rise from the average post-1880 temperature starting in 1976.


Copyright left image: Columbia Uni. Copyright right image: Cornell Uni

Jack Oliver has passed away

14.01.2011, USA Today

John "Jack" Ertle Oliver, died at 87 on January 5, 2011. As the news slowly spreads, interesting anekdotes and research results of the professor who was the first to proof the existence of continental drift, show up everywhere.


Mudslides devastate southeastern Brazil

13.01.2011, BBC

Not only Australia, but also Brazil has become a victim of heavy rain showers. More than 350 people found their death due to mudslides and flooding in the mountain area 100 km north of Rio de Janeiro.


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Krakatau erupts again. 40,000 evacuated.

12.01.2011, Reuters

Ash from Krakatau is raining down on nearby parts of the Indonesian islands Sumatra and Java. In the meantime, the authorities plan to evacuate 40,00 people away from areas that may be threatened by tsunamis.


Russians about to uncover secrets of Lake Vostok

10.01.2011, NewScientist

For 14 millon years, the waters of Lake Vostok remained hidden to the outside world, lurking underneath a 4,000 metres thick ice sheet. After all these years we are about to find out what the subglacial waters of Lake Vostok hold in store for us. With only a hundred meters left, Russia’s Artcic and Antarctic Research Insitute (AARI) speculates to drill through the bottom of the ice sheet by the end of this month.


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Small glaciers gone in 2100

09.01.2011, Nature News

According to a new study published in Nature Geoscience half of the world's smaller glaciers will disappear during this century.


Hubble Summer Programme

Hubble summer programme for undergrads

07.01.2011, STScI

The Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, opens its summer programme for 12 undergrads with interest in space astronomy. Application deadline: 1 Feb 2011.



Greenland ice sheet faces accelerated thinning and retreat

07.01.2011, BBC

Aberystwyth glaciologists warn that the Greenland ice sheet is "retreating and thinning extensively" after a year of record-breaking high temperatures.


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Beyond Fossil Fuels. Series in New York Times

06.01.2011, NYT

NYT reporters travel the world to examine innovative attempts to reduce the world's dependence on coal, oil and other carbon-intensive fuels, and the challenges faced. Their reports show impressive attempts on a local scale to counter the effects of global change.


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2010 has been a restless year

05.01.2011, Eruptions

Major earthquakes causing many casualties, a tsunami, volcanoes and disrupted air traffic, an almost failed climate conference. What will 2011 bring?



Earthquake awareness saves lives in Chile

03.01.2011, USGS

The Mw 7.1 earthquake that struck the area of Araucania, near the coast of Chile on Sunday, January 02, 2011, appears to have caused little damage and no injuries. This very likely is the result of the great earthquake awareness and high quality of earthquake resistant building in Chile.


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Sense About Science's annual roundup of Celebrities and Science 2010

02.01.2011, Sense About Science

Each year, London based Sense About Science publishes the most flagrant scientific claims by screen, music and sports celebrities. While some of these claims are just amusing in their outrageousness, many are downright harmful, e.g. those about diets, vaccination and alternative cancer therapies.


Source: USGS

M 7.0 earthquake, Santiago del Estero, Argentina

01.01.2011, USGS

The earthquake occurred on Saturday, 1 January 2011 at 06:56:59 AM at epicenter (09:56:59 UTC), 960 km NW of Buenos Aires.


NASA GEOS-5 Model image

Dot Earth writes: On Warming, Antarctica, Clouds and Peer Review

01.01.2011, Dot Earth

The New York Times blog Dot Earth by Andrew C. Revkin discusses two recent papers, one on amplification of greenhouse warming by clouds and one criticising ideas about Recent Antarctic warming.