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Source: GNS

How can faults far from plate margins be dangerous?

26.02.2011, Active faults Christchurch area

Great and devastating earthquakes are usually expected along active margins, where plates subduct or slide past each other. Surprisingly, shallow earthquakes away from these margins can be quite destructive. Two recent blogs offer explanations.


Source: ESA

Plankton blooms around polar sea ice - Article in BG

26.02.2011, Biogeosciences

A new study in the open-access journal Biogeosciences reports on belts of phytoplankton blooms that appear when sea ice retreats during summer melt. Ongoing degradation of Arctic sea ice will have consequences for the food production of higher organisms and ultimately fish.


Christchurch Quake Map

Christchurch Quake Map, animation of 5000 earthquakes

23.02.2011, Christchurch Quake Map

A very cool time-lapse animation, which shows all earthquakes and aftershocks on South Island, New Zealand, starting with the M 7.1 earthquake of September 2010.



Walking cactus may be early relative of arthropods

23.02.2011, Nature

A fossil of Diania cactiformis, a strange-looking 6-cm-long creature dating from the Cambrian was found in Yunnan, southwestern China. Its discoverers believe it to be a close relative to the Arthropoda.


A collapsed building in Christchurch.

Update: M 6.3 earthquake strikes centre of Christchurch

22.02.2011, TV New Zealand

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 12:51 local time (Monday at 23:51 UTC) a very strong Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hit Christchurch, on the South Island of New Zealand. At least 65 people were reported killed and hundreds injured.


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Climate change and extreme weather. Linked?

19.02.2011, RealClimate

Two new papers in this week's Nature investigate how much human-induced greenhouse gas increase contributes to precipitation extremes and increasing flood risks.


E3G Report

E3G Report - a Positive View on Climate Change

17.02.2011, E3G report

Degrees of Risk: Defining a Risk Management Framework for Climate Security. The British nonprofit group Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G) sets a realistic course to decreasing dependance of fossil fuels.


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Pre-industrial increase in greenhouse gases due to humans?

11.02.2011, The Holocene

New article in The Holocene: "Can natural or anthropogenic explanations of late-Holocene CO2 and CH4 increases be falsified?" by Ruddiman, Kutzbach and Vavrus.


Copyright: NASA

Update: So close and yet so far away?

09.02.2011, Nature News

Lake Vostok drilling team was pulled out on the last flight from the ice. The last 20 metres of drilling to reach the subglacial lake will have to wait until the next Antarctic summer season.


Courtesy Earth 3D

Earth Observation Handbook - Climate Change special edition

08.02.2011, CEOS

CEOS (Committee on Earth Observation Satellites) and ESA (European Space Agency) updated this Climate Change special edition with data from 2010.


Source: ExploreVolcanoesNow

Seismicity under Vatnajökull sign of new eruption?

08.02.2011, Eruptions blog

Almost a year after ash clouds from Eyaflakkajökull stopped all air traffic in northern Europe, it seems that an other Icelandic volcano is about to erupt.


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New article in HESS

06.02.2011, HESS

Climate change and mountain water resources: overview and recommendations for research, management and policy. International group of experts uses 11 case studies to reviews impacts of climate change on the availability of water from mountain regions.



China: earthquake awareness and preparedness saves lives

02.02.2011, Earthquake Report

Tuesday, February 1, a Magnitude 4.8 earthquake shook the border region of China and Myanmar SW China, caused widespread damage, no casualties.



Update Shinmoedake Volcano. Live webcams

01.02.2011, Mainchini Daily News

According to volcanologists, the volcano's recent activivities resemble those during the devastating eruptions 300 years ago.