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National Science Foundation

TTORCH Summer School greenhouse gas concentrations & fluxes

29.05.2011, TTorch summer school

This first TTORCH Summer School "Challenges in measurement and modeling of greenhouse gas concentrations and fluxes" will take place between 27 September and 4 October 2011 at Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, in Finland. he school is mainly oriented to PhD students, but a number of PostDocs and master students preparing to start a Doctorate will be accepted, as well as scientists or technicians new in the field.



Asexual clams have sex on the side (by Ed Yong)

25.05.2011, Not Exactly Rocket Science

In his blog "Not Exactly Rocket Science" Ed Yong explains how some freshwater clam species, who mainly reproduce by male cloning, manage to avoid extinction. Occasionally, they reproduce by having real sex, sperm fertilising another individual's egg and retaining its dna.


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Young Scientist Workshop, International Water Week

24.05.2011, International Waterweek

Are you a young water professional or PhD student working in the area of urban water management or urban planning? Then the Young Scientist Workshop 'Water Challenges of Urbanisation' during the International Water Week Amsterdam 2011 should be of interest to you!


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The Anthropocene, a new geological epoch

22.05.2011, Dot Earth

One day after the World was predicted to end, we are still there. A good moment to reflect on how humans are changing the world in an unprecedented way. In response to these changes, scientists at a meeting in London suggested to officially name the present period the Anthropocene and give it the stratigraphical status of epoch.


Summer School on Biogeodynamics and Earth System Sciences

20.05.2011, BESS home

Summer school BESS in Venice, June 10-17 2011. While the initial deadline was 15 May, the organisers will likely accept 5-8 additional applications.



Straw houses: earthquake-resistant and cheap

05.05.2011, IRIN humanitarian news and analysis

Easy-to-build and cheap houses built of straw blocks and mud plaster are surprisingly strong. They may offer poor countries a realistic solution for building in high-earthquake-risk areas. Nepal is the first country to build straw houses on a large scale.


Two PhD positions and one postdoc in Ecology

02.05.2011, GHG-Europe

PhD positions in Dublin: 'Impact of past and future climate change on the geographical spread of Northern hemisphere agriculture' & 'Storms as Future Geohazards in Irish Coastal Environments: Integrating the Biological and Geological dimensions'. Postdocin Plant Physiological Ecology in Edinburgh.


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The role of TV in natural disasters

01.05.2011, Comunicar

Using the Chilean M 8.8 earthquake of February 27, 2010 as a case study, two Chilean psychologists investigate the vital role of TV in communicating essential information to populations struck by natural disasters. They arrive at several conclusions which may help to improve this role in future events.