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Earthquakes still threaten Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant

17.02.2012, Solid Earth

A new article in the open-access journal Solid Earth presents high-resolution tomographic images of the crust and upper mantle in the area around the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which has been seriously damaged during the M7 earthquake of 11 April 2011.


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Conference: Catch the Next Wave - Oceanography of the future

15.02.2012, Catch the Next Wave

With the motto: "Tomorrow's solutions to today's ocean challenges", Oceanography International 2012 and New Scientist organise a one-day conference on 12 March 2012, the eve of Oceanology International 2012, the world’s leading ocean science and technology exhibition. Catch the Next Wave addresses technologies that promise to revolutionise marine science and engineering.


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New climate clues from ice cores in East European Alps

02.02.2012, OSU Research News

Researchers are beginning their analysis of what are probably the first successful ice cores drilled to bedrock from a glacier in the eastern European Alps. With luck, that analysis will yield a record of past climate and environmental changes in the region for several centuries, and perhaps even covering the last 1,000 years. Scientists also hope that the core contains the remnants of early human activity in the region, such as the atmospheric byproducts of smelting metals.