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First Curiosity Drilling Sample in the Scoop. Courtesy: NASA/JPL-Ca

Curiosity drills into Mars rock for the first time


NASA reports the first succesfull attempt to drill into Martian rocks. The rock powder will be processed in Curiosity's onboard lab, the Chemistry and Mineralogy instrument and the Sample Analysis at Mars instrument. The analyses may provide clues about ancient conditions on Mars that were favourable to life.


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Climate change is not an all-or-nothing proposition

17.02.2013, Science Daily

A statistician says that the natural human difficulty with grasping probabilities is preventing Americans from dealing with climate change.


The story of the Russian Meteor


Space.com published the complete story of the meteor that struck the region of Chelyabinsk in the Russian Ural. The story contains videos, photos and background information about asteroids, meteors and NEO's.