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Singing humpback whales tracked on Northwest Atlantic feeding ground

29.04.2013, Science Daily

Male humpback whales sing complex songs in tropical waters during the winter breeding season, but they also sing at higher latitudes at other times of the year. NOAA researchers have provided the first detailed description linking humpback whale movements to acoustic behavior on a feeding ground in the Northwest Atlantic.


Sea ice maps now go back to 1964


An article in the open-access journal The Cryosphere presents the earliest Arctic and Antarctic sea ice maps based on data from NASA's Nimbus-1 spacecraft. One ineresting result is that the extent of Antarctic sea ice in 1964 was similar to today's. BBC's Jonathan Amos reports.


Google Earth

Enigmatic fairy circles explained at last


Travelers of the Namib Desert have long wondered what may have caused the striking circles of grass surrounding bare patches of desert soil. These spectacular features are found in a narrow zone along the escarpment of southwest Africa. A new study published in Science by Norbert Jürgens, University of Hamburg, Germany, explains how termites produce and maintain these features to improve their environment.