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Shedding new light on the brightest objects in the universe

25.07.2013, Science Daily

Astrophysicists have documented the immense power of quasar radiation, reaching out for many thousands of light years to the limits of the quasar's galaxy.


Large coronal hole near the sun's north pole

20.07.2013, Science Daily

Astronomers captured an image of a gigantic coronal hole hovering over the sun's north pole on July 18, 2013, at 9:06 a.m. EDT. Coronal holes are dark, low density regions of the sun's outermost atmosphere, the corona. They contain little solar material, have lower temperatures, and therefore, appear much darker than their surroundings.


Drop falls in one of the World's longest running experiments


In one of the slowest physics experiments, on 11 July this year, around 5 pm, a drop of pitch fell from a glass funnel at Trinity College, Dublin. The last time a drop fell in this experiment may have been a dozen of years or so ago.