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Prof. M.Nageeb Rashed

Prof. M.Nageeb Rashed


Faculty of Science, Aswan University, Aswan, Egypt
81528 Aswan, Egypt

Tel. No.: 002 097 2317674
Mobile No.: 002 01222891322
Fax No.: 002 097 3480450
Email: mohnagrashed@yahoo.com

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Date Publication
2010 Article: Monitoring of contaminated toxic and heavy metals, from mine
M. Rashed
Journal of Hazardous Materials, 178 (1-3), 739-746
2010 Article: Trends in speciation analysis of some heavy metals in patients with chronic hepatitis C and chronic hepatitis B using differential pulse adsorptive stripping voltammetric measurement and atomic absorption spectrophotometry
M. Rashed; M.M.Ahmed, A.F.Al-Hossainy, S.M.AbdAlrahem
Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, 24, 138–145
2008 Article: Total and extractable heavy metals in indoor, outdoor and street dust
M. Rashed
Clean, soil, air and water Journal, 36(10-11), 850 – 857
11.2005 Article: Animal Hair as Biological Indicator for Heavy Metal Pollution in Urban and Rural Areas
M.N Rashed, M.E.Soltan
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Volume 110, Numbers 1-3, 41-53
01.2003 Article: Laboratory study on the survival of water hyacinth under several conditions of heavy metal concentrations
M. E. Soltan, M. N. Rashed
Advances in Environmental Research, Volume 7, Issue 2, 321-334
2002 Article: Trace elements in camel tissues from a semi-arid region
M. Rashed
The Environmentalist, Volume 22, Number 2, 111-118


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Geosciences, Hydrology, Environmental Sciences, Climate Change, Environmental Chemistry